November 2022 Partner Newsletter

Dearest Partner,

I would like to say, thank you. This year we have grown and reached more people than the previous year which is a direct result of your kindness and generosity. God has truly done mighty things through your faithfulness. I’m believing for you to walk in a light in Goshen experience as we step into new territory this month! 

In a World of Darkness, You Will Rise!

In a world… That’s how Don LaFontaine, the famous voice personality for movie trailers in the 80s and 90s, used to start upcoming film previews. I sometimes attempt to mimic his voice when starting a new series or topic I’m about to preach on. 

You need to know what the will of God is concerning these times. If you don’t, you could fall into the trap of accepting whatever comes your way rather than standing up in faith, encouraging yourself, and pressing through difficult times until complete deliverance from the present evil manifests! Here is what I mean. Galatians 1:4 says, “Who gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father.”

The point is, we are living “IN A WORLD” of darkness right now! Evil has seized the political arena and the economy, as weak church leaders seem to be everywhere. At a time when the spirit of the antichrist believes it can do anything. Hijack education, indoctrinate through entertainment, and mutilate our children. In our darkest hour, many cry out for justice; many do not know where to turn. BUT NOW, the cries of the innocent have been heard, and a new kind of hero will rise in the midst of unprecedented odds. The overturn of Roe V Wade is only the beginning! Next: perverts, pedophiles, the yoo-hoo crew, and all the Marxist demons will meet—The Red Church, true believers covered in the blood of Jesus and who know their God. Those who will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and word of their testimony, loving not their lives even unto the death. Prepare for war, prepare for victory, prepare to declare righteousness that exalts a nation!— Last Days Reformers, which is a He’s coming back soon production! Cause on a bad day, you’re the best there is! 

Breaking Hell’s Economy Book

Your guide to last-days supernatural provision. Forward by Gene Bailey, the host of Flashpoint Live, with a very special endorsement by Rick Renner. This book was written by the urgent direction of the Holy Spirit. It didn’t seem to make sense then, but after obeying and seeing where we are in the world today, I know THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU. It is not another book on prosperity; this is a book on BEING THE SUPERNATURAL LIGHT IN DARKNESS and the extreme ways God will take care of you in the middle of dark days. It was dark in Egypt, but it was light in Goshen! It is time for the GLORY OF THE LORD TO BE REVEALED! I believe you will discover a PROPHETIC NOW WORD for where we are and how to stand in the coming days!

Hilarious or not, this is how I view the days we are living in. Listen to me, my friend; you must encourage yourself during these times. Why? Because the rain falls of the unjust and the just alike, how you stand and believe will determine what you experience during dark days. However, you can outrun your enemies, even in the rain! Remember Elijah after the miracle of the rain? Ahab set out on his chariot to the city, and Elijah pulled up his robe and tucked it into his garment when the supernatural power of God came on him to run! Boy, did he ever! He ran so fast that he outran the chariot as it rained, beating his adversary to the city. It is my personal belief, that those who rise in boldness against the spirit of the antichrist, which is so prevalent in the culture, will be among those who win souls and are counted as wise. These care more about the state of people than their reputation. Real servants of God are not afraid to speak up in a culture gone mad for the sake of children and those who are dying and on their way to Hell.

There is a silver lining to everyone who rises with boldness. It is that the Lord will put you into a position to receive everything you never knew you wanted. This comes from God giving you an unknown heart desire, or by changing your heart desires, and meeting that new desire by His blessing.

Red Eagle 1 Campaign

I would like to thank you for praying! Many of our partners often tell us that they are not just supporters but prayer supporters for us. What an honor to have! As demands for good teaching and healthy prophetic ministry grow, we are stepping up to meet them. With your help, we are reaching millions through 20 different social media platforms, ministering in churches and events, as well as taking steps in media, especially toward a new studio. Our new studio will have a tremendous amount of space for live broadcasting, television recording, interviewing special guests, live nights of ministry, and so much more! This and, of course, the DA62, the twin-propeller airplane. 

We have taken the first step of placing the down payment on it and are saving up for this wonderful aircraft. Heather will be the first to tell you that I don’t like to travel, but I do it unto the Lord, and this aircraft makes it so much more convenient and will allow us to reach so many more people than ever before. Years ago, I worked in the aviation industry. It was as if the Holy Spirit was preparing me for a day when we would reach many people all over America through aviation. Your gifts and support through a partnership are what make this possible. I am so very grateful to you for your generosity toward this project. We have a little ways to go as we are believing for nine hundred thousand dollars to pay the plane off in full. We are currently on a waiting list as there has been a demand, and with supply chain issues, delays have been part of the process. We are taking this as a blessing to have more time to accumulate this additional 900 thousand dollars to pay it off. Thank you for praying with us over this and for your consideration in being a partner with us! We are so thankful to you for being co-laborers with Heather and I on this journey.

Let me encourage you regarding all that is coming next. God has a yoke-breaking abundance available for you. No matter how dark and how difficult it gets, God’s plan is one of victory and increase for you. Do not give in to the fear and anxiety being pushed by the culture; rather, push back in faith! In Jesus’ Name, you have permission to be positive and believe big! It’s time to dream again, and it’s time to live again. Remember that God wants you to win more than you do!

Here is one strong thing the Spirit of the Lord has been speaking to me. That those who win souls are going to have a special breakthrough on them. A special breakthrough is available for you as you simply love people and share Jesus with them. Some time ago, Heather and I received some challenging news. It was a really difficult thing to process and walk through. As I was pondering the information, Heather needed to get some things from a certain store. The information could have been profoundly discouraging, but rather than spend time dwelling on it, I got upset with darkness and said “Ok, I’m going to respond in an act of worship.” So I walked over and stood at the end of a check-out line and pulled out my card, and decided no matter the cost, I was going to pay for every person who walked up to that checkout. That is exactly what I did; people began to get emotional as I told them Jesus loves them after buying their things. It must have been 20 minutes of doing this when Heather found me in the store. She smiled as a young man turned around and said, “You’re really cool, man!” I responded, “I believe in you and your future, and so does Jesus!” Those people experienced the love of God.

I say this to make the point that it is a superpower when you let go of what it is that is trying to take up space in your mind and go serve and stir things up for the Lord. When we left that store, we forgot completely about the major issue we had been informed of and only talked about how blessed we were to see all those people being touched by the love of God. Whatever you can do to speak life over people and make an impact—do it. There is a special blessing for those who win souls, like grace. There is a powerful thing that happens when you begin to release the heart of God over His lost kids. It will unlock a silver lining of victory for you! We were able to deal with the difficult information, rise above it, and stand tall. When you rise and put the Lord first, it does something to God. Worship is not a song; it’s an action that brings glory to the Lord. Yes, it can and should be done through adoration and songs, but the highest form is when you truly put yourself to the side and let God reach, touch, encourage, or bring life to people through you, no matter the circumstance.

More than any other office gift, it is the evangelist and the prophet who stretch their necks out the most for a generation and the culture. God loves these wild ministers of His because they boldly reach out to touch His people and those in a dying world. However, you don’t have to be an evangelist or a prophet. You can enter into that same category of favor and blessing simply by reaching those around you in any way you can. Just show them love, and you are acting like the Lord. Watch the goodness of God and the silver lining of blessing manifest for you.

Remember, in the middle of the darkest times, you can shine so bright, and God will make all grace abound to you!

For Jesus,

Joseph Z