May 2024 Partner Newsletter

Dear Partners and Friends,

As I write this month’s newsletter, Heather and I are in the middle of a 40-day journey outside the USA, and if all goes according to plan, we will end up at the site of Noah’s Ark in Eastern Turkey. A tremendous delight has been being on an assignment to believers in Russia—with Rick and Denise Renner!

Heather and Denise recorded a series of TV programs, while Rick and I recorded two weeks of television programs covering my new book Demystifying the Prophetic, which is still available for pre-order at 

Leading up to our significant time in Moscow were the days we spent walking through all the seven churches in the Book of Revelation! Placing sights with scripture has been a real treasure of situational context. Of the many locations we visited, one massive highlight for me was standing where the apostle John lived—seeing his house location and where he must have stood to look down upon the temple of Artemis, which overlooked the city of Ephesus. John was tucked away in what would appear to be a strategic setting, avoiding the eyes of evil for the majority of his time there. God had a special protection on John. Even after his arrest, being boiled in oil, and exiled to the Island of Patmos, John returned to his home in Ephesus, the location we stood at, to finish writing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John and Revelation. John is a figure that was already powerful in my mind and heart; however, this journey opened a further understanding of who John was and the geographical location where he lived. 

Among the amazing and too many to tell stories from the seven churches was a growing thought that turned into a strong focal point for me. It was this that of the vast majority of humanity who have lived before us and even those who accomplished magnificent feats beyond imagination, whether they were believers or not, eventually came to the end of their lives and are no longer on this earth. They are gone, their life ran its course, and whatever they accomplished for any reason is now over—the vast majority completely forgotten. A generation after some of the greatest exploits, those who did them are all but forgotten. 

LORD, make me to know my end, and what is the measure of my days, that I may know how frail I am.

Psalm 39:4 

So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12

My thoughts and consideration on this matter have caused me to look deeper internally again. Ask important questions, such as why we do the things we do. Who is it for? What is the end purpose of it all? Many would answer nobly by saying things such as family are the end of all purpose, or it is wealth, notoriety, or to be remembered. How about building a better future for the generations to come? There is nothing wrong with planning for a better tomorrow and certainly nothing wrong with planning for the future of the generations long after us. 

While considering this in the first part of our time, I talked to my friend Pastor Paul Brady, and he shared a related insight that I found helpful. We discussed how so many people strive to become that thing life has told you that you should be and must be to be valuable. In the process, we were also talking and recognizing the necessity of resting, even stopping where appropriate, and again working diligently where appropriate—he said a phrase that stood out to me, “Don’t mess with the grace…” This phrase got my attention! “Don’t mess with the grace?” I responded. “Yes,” he said. “You see, we know we are to do certain things and accomplish them in seasons, and with intensity, it is necessary and possible because of an assignment of grace that comes upon you.” He gave the example of different ones who would try to emulate the radical times of prayer he does routinely, and they are unable to do so. There are other times when some may discourage you from doing the thing you are doing with drive and enthusiasm. 

It struck me that the measure of grace given you for any specific assignment, be it a lifelong or a seasonal one, is what you should apply all your efforts toward. From this place, you can answer if you are missing it or achieving the call of God. Now, in the case of unbelievers, they won’t know anything regarding the grace of God and will labor to whatever end best suits them. 

For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

Matthew 16:26  

This idea of not messing with the grace given to you helped me regarding the larger and bigger pondering regarding how so many from history before us are remembered no more, really counting for very little in the grand scheme of history. What then should our part be? The answer is to do the will of God for your life! In this process, from season to season, discover the grace you are to walk in, and don’t mess with it!

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PRE RELEASE – Demystifying the Prophetic

Never before has culture had a greater need for clear, prophetic insight, while never before has so much prophetic error and controversy swirled around us to discredit legitimate prophetic voices. Now, more than ever, true biblical prophecy must take its place at the forefront.

Joseph Z—an international prophetic voice—began encountering the voice of God from a young age through visions and dreams. With wisdom, accuracy, biblical balance, and experience, Joseph offers powerful keys to help you unlock the revelation, interpretation, and application of prophecy.

In Demystifying the Prophetic, Joseph Z will teach you how to:

  • Identify real and false prophets
  • Activate a clear-minded prophetic lifestyle
  • Master your gifts and experiences
  • Interpret trances, dreams, entities, déjà vu, and strange phenomena
  • Recognize four types of prophets operating in the Church, government, and marketplace
  • Discern the signs of the times

Mature prophecy in its pure operation stands unrivaled in power and accuracy against all counterfeit voices. The Church and the world desperately need and deserve this better class of prophetic experience. Jesus desires to work through you and equip you to prophetically navigate these last days!

Consider the society we live in, with all these hustle gurus who tell you that it is vital for you to seize every instance and dominate life at each point. Scripturally, this mirrors Matthew 16:26, which states that it might be profitable for a man to gain the whole world. This means it is possible for your generation to do so. Consider Alexander the Great, or even consider Nimrod in the book of Genesis, who was indeed a ruler over a great people and who nearly accomplished the great tower of Babel with access to the heavens. Can an individual conceivably acquire the rulership of the entire world? Well, yes, they can, and arguably, it has been accomplished before by those we just mentioned. Remember, it was Jesus to whom the devil spoke, saying, “See all these kingdoms? They have been given to me, and I can give them to whoever I wish.” Jesus, by saying, “it is written,” was frankly saying, “I won’t take this shortcut and bow to you, giving over all that is mine to a fallen angel—instead, I will take all the kingdoms anyway, the hard way, legally and as ruler over them all.” Not the easy way, ruling the world but under the dominion of the devil. 

Can a man gain the whole world? The answer is yes; however, even if someone were to attain that kind of power, the day would still come when there was no longer any road ahead. Their life would eventually end, and the veil would open, snatching them away from their domain of opulence, dominion, authority, and lordship. The one who gained the entire world would find themselves in a crisis eternity, and their life would be swallowed up by death. All they had built and could stand upon would be gone forever. Never again able to exercise their five senses over all they attained—now destined for an eternal scenario predicated on who they chose and who they served with their natural life. Yet for those who have followed Jesus and received His salvation—for the believer— their death will be swallowed up by eternal life! 

For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.

Romans 12:3

It is a fearful thing to consider for those who have all the natural ability to do anything, only to be bankrupt with nothing to show for their life in the spirit, gaining the whole world—losing their soul. 

Many years ago, I led a couple of people to Jesus outside our apartment complex. The lady immediately gave her life to Jesus, and the man was reluctant, saying to me, “I’m just not ready right now.” I responded to this man, “Okay, I understand you aren’t ready. Great,” I said, followed by, “Just don’t die.” The man would be great as long as he didn’t die. Once you die, that is it. Either you know Jesus, or you don’t. But that is it, the end of the line. If you have acquired the entire world but have not allowed Jesus to rescue your soul, then you may have everything in the natural but nothing for eternity. 

Million for a Billion is a love statement to our great Father God. When we consider our lives, the highest and best purpose available is to make God rich. Once again, this is by giving Him what He doesn’t have— His lost creation. We are committed to this and the later part of building media content that will disciple and influence them to hear His Voice and become stronger, mature believers. This requires daily broadcasts on a growing number of platforms, written materials, and travel. Heather and I have traveled for 25 years around America and worldwide; this past year alone, we averaged being home five days per month, and the remainder required us to be away and ministering. It has been a tremendous joy and something we consider a high privilege that anyone would want to hear us, yet we still have not been able to reach as far as we would like. That is until recently. 

Update on our Travel Campaign!

As you may know, we have had a campaign for travel for some time. Our partners and friends have greatly assisted in sending us to the places we needed to minister and reach people we could not have without support. As a result of this campaign, we have been able to set aside resources over time for the eventual purchase of an airplane. 

You might remember that as part of our travel campaign, we were pursuing an aircraft called a DA62. We emphasized this for a season and had been setting resources aside systematically for the eventual acquisition of that plane. Sometime after we were well into that travel campaign, I made a decision to purposefully adjust our focus away from the aircraft. This happened when our new building became available, as we knew it would require all of our attention for a time. Once we stepped into the building, also known as the World Broadcast Center, because it functions as the ministry’s multi-purpose studio and headquarters, it was concerning to me that we had two campaigns going at the same time. While purchasing and renovating the new building, I felt it was too much to burden our partners or ask them for two things simultaneously. To me, a building campaign and a travel campaign that emphasized getting an airplane seemed too much to place in front of our already gracious and generous partners. As a result, I set the talk of our travels and getting an airplane to the side to focus primarily on the new building. 

However, something that only God could do happened recently. Heather and I were sitting in a meeting when I received a message. It stated that I should look at a different airplane than the DA62 and that they might have found the perfect one. The one being presented was far superior to the DA62 we had been looking at. It is pressurized, offers a far greater distance capability, and could carry more team with me. I stepped out of the meeting and looked at it. Up to this point, whenever someone brought up an airplane to me or showed me a plane, I have been very slow and nearly disconnected from the topic because I believe if God wants us to have the plane, we would receive it in His timing. 

Additionally, Heather and I have been believing that He would need to open the door and provide everything. My job in the process was to be faithful and fiscally responsible. When this particular airplane was shown to me, it checked all the boxes and more that we planned on. It was highly recommended and came from an outstanding source with an excellent reputation. Once again, this plane offered us more seating, range, and great records—basically everything you want when looking at a plane. Knowing the party presenting this to me, I felt a great peace in the Holy Spirit. I spoke with Heather and my team leaders. I additionally sought out wise counsel; everyone felt good about it across the board, and my leadership and advisors were encouraged to ask all the questions they wanted. 

There was one more major hurdle that had to be overcome if I was going to move forward. The pilot! A dear friend who is also very experienced in the world of aviation always says the 12th commandment is to “know thy pilot…” We personally learned this truth through some valuable and costly lessons from previous scenarios. We knew if this was going to work, we not only needed to have a great plane that met all the criteria, but we had to have a seasoned pilot. Well, in the same time frame that we were considering this plane, we began working with a specialty pilot who came highly recommended, meeting all these criteria and then some! Truly, the hand of God was on us as this unfolded miraculously. Right as we were working out the details of the plane, a hangar presented itself to us in a way ONLY God could have done. The people helping me get the plane were astonished at this even more than I was because they knew how difficult it is to get a hangar these days. But God did it for us! 

Finally, as this was all taking place, we got to the final price for the aircraft. God truly showed His hand in this process because the price we received ended up being less than half of what we thought we would have to pay and met the exact amount we had received to date in the airplane fund! We were humbled and in awe of the Lord as we realized not only did we have enough to buy the plane ahead of schedule, not waiting for the fund to reach our original goal, but we were also able to immediately purchase the plane for the exact amount in the fund—debt free!

Now, please understand that having an aircraft involves many costs, ongoing responsibilities, and constant upkeep, as anyone who works in the aviation field will adamantly tell you. Still, because of God’s favor and faithfulness to plan, we are in the perfect position to operate with this blessing. From the level of miraculous provision at each step, Heather and I believe God wanted this tool in our hands more than we did! 

Today, I am pleased and humbled to say we have an airplane. Because of our partners and faithful supporters, we can now be in far more places. We have already been on several missions with the airplane and this tremendous instrument has already added countless hours, even days, to our productivity. This is another means to fulfill our desire to make the Word of the Lord run swiftly and be glorified! 

To everyone who partners with us and has sown to this ministry…, thank you. Together, and only by God’s hand, we did it!!

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support! We believe that together, we can continue impacting the world. 

For Jesus, 

Joseph Z