March 2023 Partner Newsletter

Dearest Partner,

Dear Partner, as I write this to you, I’m sitting next to Heather on an airplane out on an assignment. Not every time, but often, I enjoy the window seat so I can watch the landscape moving far below. It is a time of stillness and quiet, not a lot of distraction, and no cell phone or media as service is limited up in the clouds. This is a place where the Lord frequently speaks to me. While praying, pondering, and even writing, I find myself thinking of you—our dear partner. It is very humbling to think how much the Lord must love Heather and me because He brought us you as a partner. The encouragement and blessing that you are to us, and this endeavor is something only the Lord knows how to convey to you. We often talk about you and pray diligently for you. We just had a team meeting with all of our wonderful staff, and there was a point in that meeting when we prayed for you. I simply want to say thank you again this month. Because of your faithfulness, we can take greater strides that reach more precious lives than ever before. You mean so much to us. Thank you for all your kindness, generosity, and prayers. We love you.

Breaking Hell’s Economy Book

Your guide to last-days supernatural provision. Forward by Gene Bailey, the host of Flashpoint Live, with a very special endorsement by Rick Renner. This book was written by the urgent direction of the Holy Spirit. It didn’t seem to make sense then, but after obeying and seeing where we are in the world today, I know THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU. It is not another book on prosperity; this is a book on BEING THE SUPERNATURAL LIGHT IN DARKNESS and the extreme ways God will take care of you in the middle of dark days. It was dark in Egypt, but it was light in Goshen! It is time for the GLORY OF THE LORD TO BE REVEALED! I believe you will discover a PROPHETIC NOW WORD for where we are and how to stand in the coming days!

The Rightsizing Is Here! 

During the time we are living we have experienced a great change globally and locally. You have certainly felt the effects of it. We have, and during these times it is a healthy thing to examine your life and walk with the Lord. I believe the Lord is not simply asking us to examine ourselves, He is doing this with His Church and ministries. Why? For a good foundation, for all those who are about to come into the kingdom, as this new revival, starting to come across the land, is picking up momentum. 

There is nothing new about the Lord periodically taking inventory of His churches and how they are operating. Jesus, Himself shows that He does this when you read the account in Revelation; how He walks among the churches. 

And in the midst of the seven lampstands One like the Son of Man, clothed with a garment down to the feet and girded about the chest with a golden band.

—Revelation 1:13

To the angel of the church of Ephesus write, ‘These things says He who holds the seven stars in His right hand, who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands.

—Revelation 2:1

Examination is part of God’s character. You see it in Jesus standing at the offering place and watching what each one gave! We are also exhorted by Paul regarding communion, to examine ourselves, to see if we are in the faith! Consider how the Lord says, allow no one to say he is tempted by the Lord, yet we do see that the Lord tests the hearts of men. Of course, we see Him doing this in the above verses showing Jesus in the midst of the candle sticks (churches) and walking among them. 

What is the purpose of examination? It is qualification—some examination is to make sure you are fit for service, another examination is for your safety, again there are moments of examination which is God’s way of empowering you to know what you are capable of in Him! Examination is taking place right now in several areas because revival is breaking out. God wants His children to function with the right understanding and foundation.

Red Eagle 1 Campaign

I would like to thank you for praying! Many of our partners often tell us that they are not just supporters but prayer supporters for us. What an honor to have! As demands for good teaching and healthy prophetic ministry grow, we are stepping up to meet them. With your help, we are reaching millions through 20 different social media platforms, ministering in churches and events, as well as taking steps in media, especially toward a new studio. Our new studio will have a tremendous amount of space for live broadcasting, television recording, interviewing special guests, live nights of ministry, and so much more! This and, of course, the DA62, the twin-propeller airplane. 

We have taken the first step of placing the down payment on it and are saving up for this wonderful aircraft. Heather will be the first to tell you that I don’t like to travel, but I do it unto the Lord, and this aircraft makes it so much more convenient and will allow us to reach so many more people than ever before. Years ago, I worked in the aviation industry. It was as if the Holy Spirit was preparing me for a day when we would reach many people all over America through aviation. Your gifts and support through a partnership are what make this possible. I am so very grateful to you for your generosity toward this project. We have a little ways to go as we are believing for nine hundred thousand dollars to pay the plane off in full. We are currently on a waiting list as there has been a demand, and with supply chain issues, delays have been part of the process. We are taking this as a blessing to have more time to accumulate this additional 900 thousand dollars to pay it off. Thank you for praying with us over this and for your consideration in being a partner with us! We are so thankful to you for being co-laborers with Heather and I on this journey.

I would like to simply take a moment and point out one part I believe He is rightsizing. It is in the area of prophecy, and the prophetic. Prophecy and the office of the prophet is a vital gift to the body of Christ! It is additionally a gift that has often been surrounded by controversy due to the behavior of some who operate in it. This is an area of both interest and concern. In the last few years, we have seen a pretty strong shake-up in the prophetic community as a result of inaccuracies and irresponsibility as to how prophecy has been handled. Prophecy in its proper place is a mighty gift that has set many captives free and helped direct the steps of countless lives. Additionally, prophets, when in the lane God gave them, are a powerful gift to the world! They say and do things many people would shrink back from, and they have tremendous results and breakthroughs. There are also many wonderful and godly prophetic voices out there who are standing up and declaring accurate and mighty words which carry that yoke-busting horsepower on them. Yet, in the middle of it all, a highly crucial point to consider is that although we have many good and godly voices out there, we must also be very aware of what Jesus stated in Matthew 24 that many false prophets would arise and deceive many! If words mean anything, and of course, we know they do, then what Jesus was saying is there would be many of these false voices. Not only causing people to wander, but causing confusion, chaos, jealousy, thievery, and one strong area that manifests with these sorts is perversion. What you need as a believer is to walk in discernment. Keep these types away from your family and loved ones. Discernment is vital through the Word of God, yet, not a spirit of suspicion, or as one Scripture calls it—evil suspicions. A good foundation is required to build a healthy future. This is desperately needed right now, for the sake of the young lions. The young generation of reformers whom God is raising in this culture. 

Let me offer a healthy perspective and some understanding regarding the prophetic from a biblical spectrum. This is taken directly out of my School of the Prophets curriculum and gives a simple insight regarding real, novice, and false prophets. It may give you a little help when identifying where someone is coming from in the prophetic. Let me define this further below.

The three areas I just mentioned are as follows:

  1. The Real—legitimate prophetic voices, trained to operate and possess a proven or growing track record of accuracy. These are marked by a constant relationship and connection to God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. Always increasing in humility, submission, servanthood, and correctability. 
  2. Novice—An inexperienced, untrained prophetic voice. Novices also operate in a spectrum I refer to as the gray area. By this I mean, they operate on feelings, and their soul, even if they are gifted in prophecy, they have a hard time differentiating between soul and spirit. This is an area where those with a newly discovered gift or someone with little to no training in the prophetic begin to operate in it. This can be messy. The gray area is also a valley of decision for a truly gifted person. They will either submit, humble themselves, and surrender to the process of God, or rebel out of ego and pride. Ego and pride are the doorways a novice faces if they have a legitimate gift, or ability to manipulate. If they take that door, it may take them into the next area—the false. 
  1. False—Those who intentionally walk in deception. It may be self-deception, but it always has a deep sense of deception that desires to take advantage of its hearers. It is my point of view that a person who is operating in a false prophetic, or prophet motivation, can do so on a variety of levels. 30, 60, and 100-fold is often how I see and describe things. It may be that a false prophetic voice can be turned back toward the light if they will repent. Most often the only way to see someone repent in this spectrum is from a rebuke by another tenured fivefold minister. The scope of rebuke and repentance is in the 30 and 60-fold; they just might humble themselves, consider their ways, repent, and turn away from their error. However, once a false prophet reaches a hundred-fold, they are reprobate, knowing what they are doing, and will continue in the darkness, taking advantage of God’s people. These are evil individuals masquerading as good. Sadly, they are masters of deception, masquerading as legitimate. Making it difficult for the average believer to identify them. These are tares among the wheat. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

Now, the Bible teaches us how to test the spirits—by what they confess. Any spirit that confesses Jesus came in the flesh, is of God; Because no one can confess that Jesus came in the flesh unless they are of God. We must look at the historical background, to fully grasp what is being taught here. What was being countered in this passage of Scripture, was the gnostic heresy. This was a mystical teaching that taught that you must have special knowledge or revelation to come into the higher things of God, or even to be saved! Wherein Scripture never, ever speaks about a special knowledge to be saved. 

At face value, this would seem like a verbal test you could ask someone. All they would have to do to pass the test would be for anyone being questioned to simply say the words, “Jesus came in the flesh.” From a simple vantage point, this would appear that it would prove they are true, so, carry on nothing more to see here!

It is not that simple. Today deception is more sophisticated than simply (verbally) saying the right thing. No, it is what they truly believe. Not what they say they believe. The simple act of saying a thing is no longer enough. What do they teach, what do they prophesy, how do they handle correction, do they believe they cannot miss a prophetic word and is there true humility? Are the prophetic things they declare surrendered to the written Word of God? All these issues and more are discovered by mature leaders in the Body of Christ. 

The first step in finding out if someone is true or false is:

  • How do they respond to a true biblical correction from another tenured leader in the fivefold ministry? Not a simple criticism from unknown, untested leaders out there in the world—but rather, real, respected leaders with a track record. How a person responds is very telling.

These may have 90% of their message which is acceptable and sound to the ears (even from a biblical standpoint). However, they will not be corrected by leaders or the Bible when it comes to their “special revelations”. Dangerous is putting it lightly! Not only do they confess Jesus and have relatively good scriptural references, but they cloak themselves as true apostles or true prophets. Second Corinthians 11:13 talks about this. False apostles and prophets are masters at deceiving the simple. They parade themselves with parroted sound doctrine until they begin throwing out unfounded, ungodly, strange, and off-base revelations. This is the problem. Although they begin with the Word of God and can quote the Word of God, even intellectually can give out great data. When it comes to the revelation they deliver, they are not subject to the Word of God, nor will they tolerate any leader questioning it. This is a crafty deception and the fastest way to know if they are legitimate or false—how they respond to the rebuke of a tenured leader, or leaders in the faith. Will they humble themselves and correct what they have done or said, or will they go further into the nebulous smoke and mirrors of strange and even perverse false revelatory statements? By this, you will know if they love the truth over falsehood.

How should a believer respond? By hiding the written Word of God in their heart. Not just reading it but studying it. Baptizing their mind and emotions with it! God’s will is His Word, period. It doesn’t matter what prophetic thing I say, or anyone else. The Bible is standard and there is nothing else.

Learn from us to not think beyond what is written.

—1 Corinthians 4:6

God is not the author of confusion or emotionalism. False prophets and teachers often play on sympathy and emotionalism. Many people want something to be true, so badly, that they will sometimes accept anything they hear based strictly on how what they hear makes them feel. This is very destructive. Culturally, at this time, we see a large part of the Body of Christ wandering around on the milk of the Word and not able to process the meat or able to use their discernment.

Those who because of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

—Hebrews 5:14

God is looking for legitimate prophetic vessels who are clear-eyed, clear-minded, servants of righteousness, who will say what He truly wants them to say, and who are surrendered to the other fivefold ministry offices. Regarding revelation and supernatural gifts, nothing could be more crucial than seeing this brought into order! Without order and the rightsizing of these wonderful gifts, we will see a new generation of mystical, ineffective young believers who are susceptible to deceiving others and themselves being deceived.

All deception is progressive. It starts small, compromises are made by the hearers, and continues until hardness of hearts, wrong actions, and information continue to accumulate until rampant permission is given to darkness in the Body of Christ—all because deceptive false revelation was tolerated until it went out of control.

Here is a healthy thing to remember. Prophets and this means ALL PROPHETS, simply know in part and prophesy in part! There is nothing wrong with saying I don’t know, or I think this is what the Lord is saying. Sometimes the wind of the Spirit catches the prophet’s sails and guides them as the Lord wills. However, remember, prophets are human beings interpreting the things of the Spirit. This means they can miss it or hit it partially with other points of their word being inaccurate. If someone ever states thus says the Lord, consider it! Praise God for it! But never violate what the Spirit says to you and especially never receive any prophetic word that violates the promises, principles, and foundation of the Word of God. 

Good prophets are out there. Yet, many who call themselves a prophet are simply not. That is not a criticism, it is a reality. Just because someone wears the label prophet doesn’t mean they are one. Prophets are grown through much training, fire, and practice; when they step into that mantle, real fivefold tenured leaders will confirm it. 

Rightsizing is crucial, from man’s ideas to what the Bible says. Without rightsizing, the mutation will grow. When fathers in our generation take a biblical stance, we must pay attention. Scripturally, this is not a strange occasion. It is only strange when a new generation has not been tempered by the Word of God. Order will seem strange, controlling, and even religious.

The best form of deliverance is to teach the Word consistently and with conviction. It will act like a supernatural bulldozer and push confusion out of the way. It is time for order from the foundation of the written Word of God. It starts with you. Read your Bible and say your prayers so that deception and questioning if something is of God or not becomes less hazy. More to come…

For Jesus,

Joseph Z