January 2024 Partner Newsletter

Dearest Partner,

Happy New Year! 

2024 will be a historic year. While considering it and praying regarding what is to come, I have received strong clarity for what the year and beyond holds. Just before going into what I see coming, let this truth drop deep into your heart. You possess the peace that passes understanding, and will guard your heart and mind (Phil 4:7). My prayer for you this coming year is that you will walk in a revelation of the peace of God, that it will flood your life magnificently. 

This coming year and beyond will be filled with the greatest issues in the history of America to date. It’s amazing to me that I heard a word from the Lord after our New Year’s Eve LIVE broadcast. As we were leading up to the end of the year, the words that kept coming to me were War, Roar, and MORE. I believe these words have a significant part to play in the coming months. However, as we transitioned into January 1st on that very day, the Spirit of the Lord brought another clear picture to me. After talking with those who pray with us and see with proven clarity what the Lord shows them, it was evident that God was speaking. 

Here is what I believe the Lord has shown me regarding this coming year. On New Year’s Eve, A DOOR WAS OPENED—the following New Year’s Eve to come, it will SHUT. We are in a valley of decision between this time and then. It is clear to me that this valley leads to two options for the United States. The choice is here because the New America is coming—by fire or Nineveh. Whichever one the culture chooses, leads to the New America. During this time, we have stepped out into a time of transition from God’s grace to His mercy. The United States is under a time of mercy. When I heard this in my spirit, I asked the Lord what the cause of this mercy is. I was reminded of what took place on a federal level on June 14th, 2022. That is the day ROE V. WADE was overturned on a federal level. The individual states will now have a tremendous choice to make state by state. This one action in the United States extended God’s hand of mercy. 

What is our response through this time of mercy? To continue doing what the Lord has called each of us to accomplish. Such things as prayer, consecration, fasting, and separation unto the Living God are going to assist us in this process. Remember, we are in a different kingdom than this world. Regardless of what comes this year, wars, or rumors of wars, we are still under a tremendous time of mercy. An unveiling will continue to take place regarding who is actually in charge of things behind the scenes, it’s as if more cards will be laid on the table showing their nefarious plans for humanity. Yet in it all, mercy will be present. 

This may be the hardest year the nation has ever faced, but still, mercy will be present. One strong thing that I was also shown: we are going to experience a “do over.” What does that mean? Well, the same spirit we were faced with in 2020 will rise up and reveal itself in 2024 and certainly in 2025. A word the Lord spoke to us publicly in 2020 was the Lion, the Bear, but Goliath is coming. The Lion is that roar of intimidation and actual misinformation. The Bear represents financial tyranny as well as the threat of economic woes. Goliath, however, is altogether consuming. it is the culmination of all the threats and issues combined for the purpose of conquering this nation and, ultimately, a global takeover. America is the first target that must be moved out of the way. The good news is that even with Goliath’s intimidation and demand to fight the nation’s best warrior, he was defeated by a boy with a slingshot. God loves being outnumbered and outgunned by man’s standards. It is His M.O. to shock everyone with these odds! That is exactly what He did with David. Today, it is the Ekklesia (the church) that will defeat that same spirit of intimidation.

Even as this New Year, a door opened into 2024; however, there is a closure going into 2025. It is not the end, but a decision has to be made. I take great comfort in knowing that mercy is here for the nation; or we as a nation, would already be in some form of a cataclysm. 

A prophetic word the Lord has spoken through us for the last three years is the term black swan events. We will not only continue to hear this terminology, but we are likely to witness the activation of one. In the form of weapons of destruction or simultaneous actions from foreign characters on our home soil. 

When I emphasize America, it is simply because I live here, and it is a very serious thing for me. Every nation is very special to the Lord and has a destiny; however, God has called Heather and me to America’s Mountain symbolically. By living in Colorado, where Pike’s Peak is located, we are standing with America’s Mountain. This calling is prophetic and reminds me of the Apostle John, who lived at the top of the city of Ephesus overlooking the temple of Diana. John had a very special relationship with Jesus, and it gave him a special favor in life. Even a supernatural extended life. Our ministry is marked much in this same way.  (Letter Cont’d Below)

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I also saw a glimpse of a coming season, which I only know how to label as the time of the Maccabees. There is a historical narrative from early Jewish history, predating the time of Jesus, which was marked by a group known as the Maccabees. In the historical account as told in 1 Maccabees 2:16-29, we see the story of what unfolded and the way Mattathias stood against the pressures of governmental overreach telling the Jews to violate their principles. Mattathaias stood up publicly against this pressure. 

Let’s look at this account together.

17 Then the king’s officers spoke to Mattathias as follows: “You are a leader, honored and great in this city, and supported by sons and brothers. 18 Now be the first to come and do what the king commands, as all the Gentiles and the men of Judah and those that are left in Jerusalem have done. Then you and your sons will be numbered among the friends of the king, and you and your sons will be honored with silver and gold and many gifts.” 19 But Mattathias answered and said in a loud voice: “Even if all the nations that live under the rule of the king obey him, and have chosen to do his commandments, departing each one from the religion of his fathers, 20 yet I and my sons and my brothers will live by the covenant of our fathers. 21 Far be it from us to desert the law and the ordinances. 22 We will not obey the king’s words by turning aside from our religion to the right hand or to the left.” 23 When he had finished speaking these words, a Jew came forward in the sight of all to offer sacrifice upon the altar in Modein, according to the king’s command. 24 When Mattathias saw it, be burned with zeal and his heart was stirred (he shook violently). He gave vent to righteous anger; he ran and killed him upon the altar. 25 At the same time he killed the king’s officer who was forcing them to sacrifice, and he tore down the altar. 26 Thus he burned with zeal for the law, as Phinehas did against Zimri the son of Salu. 27 Then Mattathias cried out in the city with a loud voice, saying: “Let everyone who is zealous for the law and supports the covenant come out with me!” 28 And he and his sons fled to the hills and left all that they had in the city. 29 Then many who were seeking righteousness and justice went down to the wilderness to dwell there, 

This reminds me of the Scripture in Malachi 3:16 – 18 where those who feared the Lord spoke to one another and because of this a book of remembrance was written. 

16 Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, And the LORD listened and heard them; So a book of remembrance was written before Him For those who fear the LORD And who meditate on His name. 17 “They shall be Mine,” says the LORD of hosts, “On the day that I make them My jewels. And I will spare them As a man spares his own son who serves him.” 18 Then you shall again discern Between the righteous and the wicked, Between one who serves God And one who does not serve Him.

Malachi 3:16-18

Going back to the Maccabees story, after Mattathias died, his son Judas, or some versions call him Judah “the Hammer” Maccabees. He gained this name due to his ability to fight off the enemies of Israel in their day. It was he who led a massive revolt and was never taken over by the enemy. He led a hold out against Rome until the Jews eventually re-took Jerusalem. It is the Maccabees story that leads up to the celebration of Hanukkah. 

This mentality began with Mattathias, Judah’s father. He stood up to the rule of the land being forced upon his nation. 

One terrible event which transpired after the action of Mattathias was the heinous slaughter of unarmed Jewish civilians hiding in the wilderness. The outcome of this event was an unconventional action, similar to the way David took the show bread from the altar while running from Saul. This was not lawful for David to do but nonetheless he did so. God honored him anyway as David knew the Lord values relationship over keeping every letter of the Law. The same thing happens in the historical narrative of the Maccabees. 

The account reads as follows: 

At that time many who wanted to maintain their religion and law went 29 down to the wilds to live there. They took their sons, their wives, and their 30 cattle with them, for their miseries were more than they could bear. Word 31 Soon reached the king’s officers and the forces in Jerusalem, the city of David, that men who had defied the king’s order had gone down into hiding-places in the wilds. A large body of men went quickly after them, 32 Came up with them, and occupied positions opposite. They prepared to attack them on the sabbath. There is still time,’ they shouted; ‘come out, 33 Obey the king’s command, and your lives will be spared.” We will not come 34 Out’ the Jews replied; we will not obey the king’s command or profane the Sabbath. Without more ado the attack was launched; but the Israelites did 35 nothing in reply; they neither hurled stones, nor barricaded their caves. 37 Let us all meet death with a clear conscience,’ they said; ‘we call heaven 38 and earth to testify that there is no justice in this slaughter.’ So they were attacked and massacred on the sabbath, men, women, and children, up to a thousand in all, and their cattle with them. 39 Great was the grief of Mattathias and his friends when they heard the 40 news. They said to one another, If we all do as our brothers have done, if we refuse to fight the Gentiles for our lives as well as for our laws and 4 customs, then they will soon wipe us off the face of the earth.’ That day they decided that, if anyone came to fight against them on the sabbath, they would fight back, rather than all die as their brothers in the caves had done. 42 It was then that they were joined by a company of Hasidaeans, stalwarts 43 of Israel, every one of them a volunteer in the cause of the law; and all who were refugees from the troubles came to swell their numbers, and so add 44 to their strength. Now that they had an organized force, they turned their wrath on the guilty men and renegades. Those who escaped their fierce attacks took refuge with the Gentiles.

45 Mattathias and his friends then swept through the country, pulling down 46 the pagan altars, and forcibly circumcising all the uncircumcised boys 47 found within the frontiers of Israel. They hunted down their arrogant 48 enemies, and the cause prospered in their hands. Thus, they saved the law from the Gentiles and their kings, and broke the power of the tyrant.

Mattathias, his sons and those gathered with him suspended the sabbath due to the emergency of war which was now upon them. There is a word in this somewhere for the church today and allowing the evils of a culture gone mad to destroy their children and the future of the long established principles found by the Word of God. It is time for us also to consider what the Lord is saying for us to do in prayer and what our personal part is in regard to the days we are living in. 

We are in a time of extended mercy upon our land and we must rise to meet that mercy by doing what He has called us to do. You are anointed for this time! 

Remember on a bad day you are anointed to be the best there is. We have a bright future and His kingdom is working through you. Even if it all falls apart, one day you won’t, and neither will the kingdom of God! 

For Jesus, 

Joseph Z 

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