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A Message from Joseph Z:

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us! Our monthly partners create the MOMENTUM that allows us to reach further, faster, and more efficiently to change the world by the Word of God.

For many years, Heather and I have relentlessly pursued a vision of training, equipping, and discipling across denominations. Together we can extend the reach of the Complete Gospel message through media resources, live broadcasts, written materials, conferences, special events and various forms of Bible training to build up the body of Christ.

Now is the time for the Word of the Lord to be sent out clearly and without hesitation. The days we are living in demandaction, and what we do now will be remembered for all eternity! Your partnership connects you to the most significant thing that can be done for others — to build lives by the Word of God!

We believe real partnership comes from doing the work of the ministry together. That is why when you partner with us, we consider this to be your ministry as well. Together we are dramatically impacting many lives for Jesus!

We bless you and look forward to building the future together!
For the glory of Jesus!

– Joseph Z