April 2024 Partner Newsletter

Dear Partners and Friends,

This month, I am prompted by the Spirit to share a prophetic word I released over a year ago. I added it to this month’s newsletter, as it was shared on January 2, 2023. 



If you have EARS TO HEAR… you can sense the great pressure around us. It is the calm warning of THE GREAT STORM… it is about to burst onto the global scene—into every arena. As I write this, the warning is present that THE STORM OF OUR GENERATION is coming swiftly and will go well beyond the coming year. It will reach far into the season ahead, which we have already entered. 

We are rapidly accelerating into an unprecedented national and global multifaceted scenario.

Spiritually, it is the marching forward of an ANTICHRIST AGENDA accompanied by illogical heathen ideals, marked with a spirit that punishes and controls its opposition. In the natural, it will manifest in economic turmoil, insane new measures against liberty, and new medical tyranny. The food and production industry will be impacted, as well as the areas of energy. 

However, economics is the main target of this antichrist agenda—it is the endgame masterstroke to bring the entire planet into its clutches. In my heart and spirit, the sense I keep coming back to is the word “BLACK SWAN EVENT.”  Although it may not seem like it, we are in a cold version of WW3, not the same way it was in generations past. This version is a much more insidious conflict. What is currently cold has the great potential of going hot in the coming months. Tactical nukes are something the mercy of God has helped avoid, but it still greatly concerns me. Several times, while in my times of prayer, I have seen a symbolic image of Pearl Harbor. 

It comes up before me and is an image of what I believe represents the SLEEPING CHURCH. Much like the USA, it was passive regarding the conflict of nations during WW2 until the day of infamy struck. So will the sleeping church enter the battle when things accelerate to its doorstep. 

It is no longer mainly about who will win the office of president (although that is a mighty battle that is about to erupt) as much as it is about whether the culture will wake up, rise, and kick the evil elites out of the position they are holding. No matter who is in office, this is what is now required. Without the populist majority rising, we will simply be faced with familiar scenarios the early church was faced with. Persecution, trials, all the things real Christians faced for generations before this time. This glaring awakening of a sleeping church will come on the heels of an outbreak of deliverance and then repentance into action by the sleeping church.

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PRE RELEASE – Demystifying the Prophetic

Never before has culture had a greater need for clear, prophetic insight, while never before has so much prophetic error and controversy swirled around us to discredit legitimate prophetic voices. Now, more than ever, true biblical prophecy must take its place at the forefront.

Joseph Z—an international prophetic voice—began encountering the voice of God from a young age through visions and dreams. With wisdom, accuracy, biblical balance, and experience, Joseph offers powerful keys to help you unlock the revelation, interpretation, and application of prophecy.

In Demystifying the Prophetic, Joseph Z will teach you how to:

  • Identify real and false prophets
  • Activate a clear-minded prophetic lifestyle
  • Master your gifts and experiences
  • Interpret trances, dreams, entities, déjà vu, and strange phenomena
  • Recognize four types of prophets operating in the Church, government, and marketplace
  • Discern the signs of the times

Mature prophecy in its pure operation stands unrivaled in power and accuracy against all counterfeit voices. The Church and the world desperately need and deserve this better class of prophetic experience. Jesus desires to work through you and equip you to prophetically navigate these last days!

I do not have a sense of dread for the season in front of us, but rather a sense of RESPONSIBILITY, similar to how a captain of a sailing vessel would feel—knowing he must navigate his crew through an unavoidable hurricane. 

I sense that it will start with a burst in one area. Another will drop, then another, until even the symphony of distraction portrayed by the mainstream networks will not contain the emerging chaos. 

The urgent prophetic word to all of us is to prepare and do what the Lord would have you to do. No matter what it may look like to onlookers—if you don’t know what He is telling you to do, simply continue with what you know to do, and He will guide you from there. However, if you know the Lord has shown you something to do— DO IT. 

Finally, in the middle of this great sense, we also see the encouraging light shine out with hope from places like X [Twitter] and other new media sources. It brings comfort and hope knowing that The Spirit of the Lord prophesied to us back in 2021 of the arrival of a new social media “freedom tech.” This is happening today more and more. Independent voices are growing, and so are those taking up the cause to have the truth heard. God is calling His people to stand as a light in darkness as His called-out ones. It is the day for the clear-eyed, clear-minded reformers to rise and meet the spirit of antichrist head-on. I call this the Red Church, or the real blood-bought believers ready to serve their generation no matter the cost. These carry the Sons of Issachar anointing, knowing the times and seasons and what to do about it! 

***I hear the Spirit say, “Listen to the prophets of warning and love! These will rebuke the king!! These do not fear man!! I have anointed these to stand against the plague of locusts that would eat the children’s bread. I have voices unknown to the mainstream churches. These will stand as ‘One crying in the wilderness making straight the way of the Lord!’”

*** “I have anointed evangelists to stand between the living and the dead! They are fearless! I have made them fearless for these days!”

*** “A rightsizing is here for my fivefold governmental structure!”

Again, I sense great hope because the Lord showed us several things involving freedom tech in advance and even our marching orders over the next year. A silver lining will be found with those who fear His name.

Hear this word—You carry an anointing to DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. This means provision and the power to MOVE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! But you must receive it and diligently seek the Lord! IF YOU HAVE EARS TO HEAR THIS—Then you are one who carries the anointing to DO THE IMPOSSIBLE—Impossible projects, impossible missions, assignments, and accomplishments. Resources and miracles will manifest. But you must diligently seek Him! Get ready, the Lord needs you more than ever. Remember, it was light in Goshen, and the Lord your God is a GOOD GOD who simply needs your cooperation. 

Prepare for sanctuary centers and ministry outposts. A unique thing is beginning this coming year. I have much more to share about this. 

I will be talking about many of these things in greater detail in the coming days! 

For Jesus, Joseph Z

PS. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to make a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the seven churches in Revelation and the actual site of Noah’s Ark in Turkey near the Iranian border. Your prayers and support are vital as we go on this prophetic assignment.