“What ever is fighting you today come right at it and kill the giant Rev 12:11 over come it by the blood of the lamb and your testimony.” - Joseph Z

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A strong desire for doing a daily morning LIVE Broadcast came alive in my heart. I began simply with some short videos and a live Sunday evening broadcast each week. Then, in January 2018 the Holy Spirit began prompting me each morning with a fresh word to get up and start teaching the Word as I had done for years previously. As a result, we have been doing morning lives most weekday mornings, and we are now approaching our two hundredth episode! This has proven to be a tremendous time of building an online community of Holy Ghost believers, and has been preparing me for the consistency of radio and television.

“If you want to be a person of true influence, know what you believe and then live that way.” - Joseph Z

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What you know is the fuel for what you will believe, knowledge will create belief when you add faith to it.